What we do

Design for children

We specialise in creating new brands for children and reinventing established ones, we also design for print, advertising, digital and provide unique research and marketing opportunities for existing brands.

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“Stars aren’t created with a ruler. They all have their long points and short points and the light of every star is precious.”

- The Story of The Wonky Star


Why be normal?

Wonky Star is more than just our name. It is a principle at the heart of everything we do. The power to recognise something unique and special and help it shine.


Who we are

Wonky Star was created by a group of age old friends, supported by a trusted network of freelance creatives and associates.

We’re based in London and work with all kinds of clients throughout the world.


“There are two elements that are essential when creating a design solution. The first is that it has an unique idea, it can't just look nice. The second, is that it has to look nice! People need to understand easily what you are communicating. The tricky part is how you make that message out of the ordinary and most importantly, memorable.”

— Buzz Burman, Creative Director


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If you’re interested in working with us, we’ll be happy to meet up with you, discuss your needs and write a proposal.

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